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  • Carol Michaels

Social Fitness

What makes one fitness studio more popular than the one down the block? Both studios can have highly credentialed trainers and state of the art equipment. The successful studios are incorporating social fitness. In our world of social media, texts, and emails, the social aspect of exercise can not be overlooked. For some, it is the only part of their day where there is a human connection.

The social aspect of fitness can help you maintain a fitness routine. Find a group that you like to exercise with. This will enable you to stick with it and ultimately increase your physical activity level and improve your health.

My small group exercise classes have participants that have been with me for over 10 years. Group classes are fun, motivating, social, and cost effective. In some cases, they can also act a support group. Some of my clients “hated” any type of physical activity and were motivated to exercise by the friendships that they developed in the class.

A small group exercise class can also be also educational. It enables me to keep everyone up to date on the latest research on health and exercise. If the demographics and exercise limitations are the same, individual health and family issues are discussed as are the best doctors, movies, books, and restaurants. My clients actually look forward to attending their session due to the group format. A fun, small group exercise class can transform a participant from couch potato to fitness enthusiast.

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