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Can Air Pollution In Your City Be Harmful Enough To Cause Cancer?

The average adult takes 12-20 breaths per minute. While breathing in the air around you while you are at home may not alarm you, have you ever stopped to consider the air you breathe while outdoors? Particularly if you live in a dirty and polluted city, you might want to think twice about the quality of your air.

The clean air in cities is only decreasing, and as cities get bigger, there are more buildings, people and cars contributing to the pollution that fills the air. Most aren’t aware of just how harmful this air really is.

What are the effects?

Wouldn’t it be nice to know what will happen if you continue to breathe in harmful, polluted air? Many studies have been done, and the results show that people need to start taking action to get back their clean air. Since 2000, carbon dioxide emissions have been rising 3.3% every year. Pollution is on the rise.

While the effects of breathing in pollution from the air may be very subtle, over time it can cause serious health problems. Studies have proven that those living in the nation’s most polluted cities have a 15% to 17% higher chance of dying prematurely than those living in cities with clean air. Not only that, but the chance of developing breast cancer is also rising, and this has been connected with air pollution.

Probably the biggest effect that air pollution has on those breathing it in regularly is lung cancer. Research has shown that diesel exhaust leads to lung cancer, most notably in those who spend a great deal of time around it, specifically byworking with diesel dust.

Although this does not mean that if you breathe in some diesel dust every now and then that you need to be treated for lung cancer, the cumulative effects can start to add up. The wear and tear of pollution on your lungs is not good for anybody, and you should be aware of taking care of your body.

How can I care for my lungs?

While we may like to believe that the air we breathe indoors is safe for our lungs,air pollution in your home is also important to be aware of. This can come from harsh cleaning chemicals, formaldehyde and possibly lead that stems from house dust; however, it is fairly easy to manage the air in your home, which can lead to healthier lungs!

  • Clean your floors. Dust and chemicals sit on floors and get passed through your house quite easily. Keep them clean by vacuuming often. Vacuming will be more effective in picking up dust and dirt that can accumulate on your floors.

  • Never smoke in your home. While this may seem obvious, people often think that if they just keep one room of the house separate for smoking habits, then the rest of the house is protected. Secondhand smoke actually travels quickly, so consider banning smoking from inside your home altogether.

  • Use a vaporizer. Vaporizers help to improve the circulation of the air in your home, keeping it healthy all throughout the day. For the most benefits, invest in a few and place them throughout your home. You can even add essential oils to these devices for more benefits.

When it comes to your home, there are several things you can do to improve your indoor air quality; however, if you live in a fairly polluted city, you should take precautions to keep your lungs as clean and healthy as possible.

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