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  • Carol Michaels

Balancing Work and Life After Cancer

Balancing work and life responsibilities after a cancer diagnosis can be a challenging task. It is a constant juggle of time between the responsibilities of home, work, and caring for yourself.

When you return to work after cancer treatments it is more important than ever to evaluate your work/life balance. It can be overwhelming to care for yourself and your family while trying to maintain your career, outside interests, and educational goals.

Working after a cancer diagnosis can be helpful to your recovery as long as you achieve balance. Work can provide a routine and a sense of accomplishment. Unfortunately, sometimes cancer survivors feel that they can’t work to their potential.

Companies must be caring and understanding during treatments and provide flexible hours. Job sharing and telecommuting should be explored to decrease stress. Obtaining the right balance can help lead to a fulfilling life, give one a sense of control and well-being.

  • Try to separate work time from personal time. Turn off electronic devices when you get home

  • Develop a support system at work and at home.

  • Improve time management skills. Try to delegate and learn how to say no.

  • Take care of yourself. Make sure that you are eating properly, making time to exercise, and getting enough sleep.

For more information go to Cancer and Careers at which is exclusively dedicated to supporting people who work during and after cancer treatments.

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