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  • Mike Manning

Fitness During Vacation

With summer finally here, the importance of dieting and exercising is even higher. While finding the time to exercise can be challenging, finding the time when traveling is even more difficult. As you read this article, you’ll learn how to keep up with your fitness routine while traveling.


Doing research in advance is critical in maintaining fitness while traveling. Many hotels offer fully equipped fitness centers, providing you with various machines and free weights. Often times, hotels even offer fitness classes to get a great workout and specialized fitness classes like yoga and pilates. Therefore, doing your research and locating these awesome hotels is imperative in keeping up with fitness while on the road.

I recently had to take a business trip to San Francisco and I had the option of choosing my own hotel. I made sure to do some research on a travel site/app called Gogobot. At this website I was able to navigate all of the San Francisco hotels and from there I could see reviews, friends that have stayed there, and amenities. The hotel I chose had a 24-hour gym that I used every morning.

Working Out in the Room

Being able to participate in a class at your hotel fitness center often requires making it to the gym during certain hours. However, when traveling, that can prove to be a challenge because of your busy schedule. Therefore, working out in your room is a great and convenient way to maintain your exercise routine while traveling.

To do so, be sure and pack compact items like a resistance band, a yoga mat, TRX trainer, small dumbbells, and more. Bringing your laptop is also crucial because it’ll give you access to online fitness videos that can be completed right in your hotel room.


For those that seek to enjoy the great outdoors while traveling, running is perfect. Running is ideal because it can relieve joint pain experienced after sitting in the airport for hours.

Running on some local trails will also allow you to appreciate the area you’ve traveled to in a unique way. Simply looking up some nearby running trails will help you determine which trails are suited to your desired level of difficulty and proximity to places like landmarks, bookstores, or local cafes, where you can end your run with a coffee, tea, and more.

Travel and Stress

Because of the stress and anxiety often associated with traveling, exercising may seem like a draining idea. However, exercise is essential for stress relief. When traveling on business, exercise is even more valuable in relieving stress and helping you clear your head from your busy day.


Clearly, keeping up with fitness while traveling can be easy. By doing some research, exercising while traveling can be fun and enjoyable.

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