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  • Carol Michaels

Introduction to the Recovery Fitness Cancer Exercise Program

During my 16 year experience as a fitness professional and cancer exercise specialist, I have worked with hundreds of cancer patients and cancer survivors. The Recovery Fitness cancer exercise program was developed from information from the front lines of my fitness training practice experience and in collaboration with various medical professionals.

Valuable Information On Exercise after Surgery

I hope that this blog will give you some of the fitness information and rehabilitative exercises needed to improve your recovery from cancer surgery and treatments. Some cancer patients and survivors think that resting will decrease their fatigue and speed their recovery. Rest may make cancer patients weak and debilitated. Recovery Fitness offers cancer patients and survivors comprehensive advice and an easy step-by-step program to begin improving their physical and emotional health and reclaiming their lives beyond cancer.

About the Recovery Fitness Cancer Exercise Program

The Recovery Fitness cancer exercise program will teach you the specific exercises needed to help you to you heal. The rehabilitative exercises range from stretches done while still in bed, in a chair, to lifting light weights. The program shows you how to workout, when to workout, and the duration and frequency of workouts. We will discuss the exercises need to recover from reconstructive surgeries such as TRAM and lat flap surgeries.

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