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  • Carol Michaels

We are in the Twilight Zone-Virtual Training

We live in the eerie reality of this corona virus environment. This crisis has exposed the cracks in our health care system. Although the system has cracks, our health professionals have been outstanding. They risk their lives working non-stop to help those affected by the virus, many without proper protective gear. The crisis has also made us think about those working minimum wage to provide service to the public while their CEOs are isolating at home. Let’s hope that America can learn from this disaster. Anxiety and stress levels are off the charts. How can we decrease stress and improve our health during these challenging times? You have heard many times that one of the best ways to increase your immunity and keep your sanity is through exercise. So, to help you do that when we have to isolate, I am offering virtual training. Contact me at to set up a private session or to participate in a group class.

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