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Staying Fit During COVID -19 with Virtual Training, New Videos and Free Zoom Classes

Are you struggling with healthy eating and getting the right type of exercise? If you would like to create an exercise routine for yourself or need some health coaching, let me help you through FaceTime or Zoom. For those who prefer the in-person experience, I am now starting to work outdoors with individuals.

In addition to healthy active agers, I also help those with medical conditions. I have been helping cancer survivors improve their recovery through exercise for over 25 years and am the author of Exercises for Cancer Survivors. I am thrilled to let you know that cancer survivors can participate in my FREE Zoom exercise classes. Please pass this information on to those who may benefit from the Cancer Recovery Fitness program. Email me at for the details.

I am happy to announce that the two new videos are now available on Amazon as a digital download in addition to the DVD format. Our videos have been selected as an “Amazon Choice” and we thank you for your purchases. A portion of our sales are donated to charities.

These videos can be found on Amazon :

· Osteoporosis Workout Using an Exercise Ball -Safe Strength Training and Stretching

This instructional full body workout using an exercise ball and hand weights is safe for osteoporosis and can also help to prevent osteoporosis or slow its progression. Using an exercise ball can help you to strengthen your entire body and improve posture, balance, and flexibility. The ball can be used to create a fun and unique session and remove boredom from your fitness routine. is the link to the DVD

· Strength Training in Sitting and Standing Positions

This instructional fitness video was made for those who have difficulty getting up and down from the floor during an exercise session. The standing position is preferable whenever possible so that balance and weight bearing exercises can be performed. For the intermediate level exerciser, use a heavier hand weight and perform more repetitions. is the link to the DVD.

I am also updating the Carol Michaels Fitness YouTube channel to help you stay healthy at home during the virus.

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