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  • Carol Michaels

Brain Health Senior Fitness

How can we keep our brain working its best? We know that exercise, good nutrition, new experiences, and stress reduction will help our brains function optimally. But we are living in a digital world, so we have less need to use our brains. For example, we should use the calculator less often. Instead, use the brain to calculate tips at restaurants and other basic math needs. We rely on our smart phone for everything. Use a map on occasion and give google maps a rest. Our navigation systems make getting from place to place simple, but it is yet another instance where our brain is not used. Do you know the cell numbers of your friends? Probably not because there is no need to. Our need for memorizing numbers and other important information has disappeared due to our constant use of our smart phones. Sadly, our phones are getting smarter, and our brains may not be performing at their highest level. What will the affect be of increased AI?

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