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  • Carol Michaels

Safe Osteoporosis Balance & Posture Exercises

It is common for the shoulders to round and to develop a head forward position as we age. This can create a head forward position, causing the affected vertebrae to harm the disks and compress the surrounding nerves. When the posture is improved (the vertebrae need to be properly aligned) there will be less compression on the nerves thereby decreasing pain.

Proper posture allows for efficient movement and is important for overall health. Faulty posture can cause some muscles to work too hard and others too little and can create muscle tightness and shortening. When muscles are tight they can press on nerves causing pain and creating physical imbalances resulting in some muscles becoming very weak and some too tight. Eventually joints can become stressed, which can lead to pain and poor range of motion.

There are significant benefits to having good posture. These include efficient movement, improved strength, balance, and a decreased chance of muscle strain, tendonitis and bursitis. Some back and neck discomfort can be alleviated through posture improvement. Proper posture will allow you to move with more freedom and make you feel more confident.


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