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  • Carol Michaels

Restaurant Dining-Tips for Weight Control

Restaurant meals are not always prepared in a healthy fashion. The portions can be huge and the food prepared with too much salt and fat. Here are some tips for keeping your food intake down and making the right food choices while dining at a restaurant:

· Review the menu before getting to the restaurant so that you are ready to ask the right questions about food preparations. For example, vegetables can be served steamed or smothered in oil or butter.

· Portions at restaurants are huge. Each meal can sometimes be the amount of an entire day’s calorie food intake. Do not be embarrassed to eat half of a large portion of food and take the rest home.

· Stay away from fried foods.

· Tell the server not to bring over bread.

· Drink water before the meal.

· Moderate alcohol intake.

· Do not go in starving.

· Enjoy the experience. One special meal is not a problem as long as you return to healthy food intake afterwards.


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