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  • Carol Michaels

Osteoporosis Exercise

·      The components of a complete osteoporosis program include weight bearing and modified impact exercise, strength training, balance, posture, and stretching with relaxation breathing.


·      Exercise can be modified in a way that is appropriate for all fitness levels. Since each person is starting from a different place, it is important to consider variables such as starting fitness level, age, exercise experience, time constraints, medications, proprioception, comorbidities, degree of osteoporosis, and goals.


·      Functional fitness needs to be included in an exercise program for bone health so that we learn to strengthen and use our bodies in a way to allow us to perform our activities safely. For example, performing a deadlift (hip hinge) will help you to safely lift your grandchild or laundry basket.


·      Use a variety of small equipment or items in the home to eliminate boredom.


·      Exercise can be fun!


 Carol Michaels MBA, ACE, ACSM, is an award-winning osteoporosis exercise specialist, nationally recognized presenter, consultant, and is the founder of the Recovery Fitness® exercise program. She is also the author of Exercises for Cancer Survivors, and the creator of a continuing education course in partnership with the National Federation of Professional Trainers. Carol, a BHOF Ambassador, was the 2012 PFP Trainer of the Year and the 2016 IDEA Fitness Personal Trainer of the Year and currently leads osteoporosis exercise classes virtually. She is published in numerous magazines and medical journals and has produced osteoporosis exercise videos which can be found on her website and on her YouTube channel.

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