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  • Carol Michaels

It is Never Too Late to Improve Your Health

I have been working with several clients in Palm Beach this season who were in pain, tired easily, and were not happy with their appearance. They felt that they could not take the vacations that they had looked forward to because of their deteriorating physical condition. It is never too late to start to do the things needed to help you age gracefully. We have seen huge fitness improvements in our deconditioned clientele this season! Here are a few tips to gets you started: Play sports and games regularly, either physical or mental. Make sure that your exercise routine includes aerobic exercise, strength training, balance and posture exercises. If your aerobic exercise is walking, try to increase the speed. If anxiety, depression, or stress are causing you to make the wrong food choices, seek guidance from a professional. Make sure that your food intake has sufficient protein and work with a RD if you have a chronic health issue. Contact us at 201-704-5700 to help you get started on the right fitness program for your specific goals and needs.


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