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  • Carol Michaels

New Exercise Classes Happy & Healthy New Year!

It has certainly been a long strange trip this year given all we have had to overcome. We started the year with in person private and group classes and ended with our group and private classes over Zoom.I would never have imagined being able to stay so connected with each of you, including those whom I have not met in person.Despite how awful this year has been and how hopeful I am to leave it behind, the way each of you have joined us and worked out with me is gratifying. It has been particularly satisfying to me to watch each of you get stronger and improve your health this year especially during a pandemic. I have been working on developing our exercise classes for 2021 and would like to hear from you. What time of day do you like to exercise? Are you interested in an entire class devoted to Pilates, Tabata, stretching, or balance? Should I offer a 30-minute session? My goal is to help you stay active since being inactive can lead to cardiovascular problems, diabetes, inflammation, stress, and takes a toll on our bones. A sedentary lifestyle especially after menopause, can lead to obesity which is correlated with numerous diseases. A lack of estrogen which occurs after menopause can lead to insulin resistance and weight gain. To control your weight, try to increase protein intake, decrease white starch and sugars, and increase physical activity. Contact me at with your exercise preferences and to get the 2021 schedule

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