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  • Carol Michaels

Exercise is Just One of the Pillars of Health

Exercise, while helpful, will have a limited effect on your fitness and health if the other pillars of health such as sleep, stress management and nutrition are not solid. For example, if your sleep hygiene is poor, it is more difficult to lose weight and keep it off due to higher levels of ghrelin, the hunger hormone. Exercise is an important pillar of health because it is one of the best ways to beat stress and improve sleep. It works in a variety of different ways, not the least of which is through the release of endorphins. Moderate exercise is also great for your heart and will help reduce blood pressure and help you sleep better at night. There’s nothing like deep sleep to help you relax and wake up refreshed and less stressed. Getting a good workout in can help you get to sleep sooner and stay asleep longer. Give exercise a try and see the benefits for yourself. But keep in mind that you can exercise 6 hours a day and not lose weight or improve your health if your food intake is not under control. Contact me for the schedule for in person and zoom sessions.


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