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  • Carol Michaels

Cancer Recovery Fitness®

I am opening another Cancer Recovery Fitness® exercise virtual zoom cancer exercise session on Tuesday at 11am. It is so important to maintain an exercise program during this period of isolation. In order to receive a zoom invite email

We are Cancer Recovery Exercise Specialists and would like to set a time to discuss our cancer exercise program with you. The Cancer Recovery Fitness® program is designed to help patients regain and sometimes improve their pre-treatment levels strength and flexibility. This program has been offered at hospitals and facilities throughout New Jersey. When you add a dedicated cancer exercise professional to your team, you will be able to provide your patients with another important component of the healing process.

Cancer survivors, in addition to their need for advice on nutrition and the emotional aspects of the diagnosis, also need instruction on how to exercise properly. As you know, surgery and cancer treatments can affect a patient’s flexibility, strength, balance, and posture. These problems may also lead to lymphedema and neuropathy.

The Cancer Recovery Fitness® exercise program is fun, effective, and safe. Those participating are getting great results both physically and emotionally. The group classes have a high level of camaraderie and allow the participants to workout with others who are facing the same or similar problems and concerns. The exercise group becomes a support group as well. I would be happy to meet or speak with you about my program. You can learn more about Cancer Recovery Fitness on our website .

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