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  • Carol Michaels

How Not to Get Hurt While Exercising

Before starting any type of exercise program it is necessary to have a complete check up.

In order to prevent injuries and catastrophic events, make sure to receive medical clearance especially if there is a hereditary factor. For example, is there a parent who died at a young age of a heart attack or stroke? Make sure that your doctor is aware of your family health history.

There are people who are walking around unaware that they have undetected high blood pressure and other health issues. They are at increased risk for stroke, etc. Even those who have need taking meds for high blood pressure may be at risk because the medication doses must be monitored regularly. If one is overweight and /or a smoker, it increases the risk of stroke, cardiac event, diabetes, and orthopedic issues, etc.

Even if one attends an exercise class which seems easy for most, keep in mind that everyone is is different and everyone reacts differently to exercise. That is particularly true if one is new to exercise and very de-conditioned.

If one is attending an exercise class, it is necessary to mention the particular health issue to the instructor in order for modifications to be made. The instructor should ask if there are any health issues when working with a new participant. This way the appropriate modifications may be made.

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