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  • Carol Michaels

Supporting a Friend with Breast Cancer

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Since it is Breast Cancer Awareness month, I thought that I should offer some suggestions to those of you who want to support a friend during breast cancer treatments.

Your friend needs something to look forward to-a dinner date, a movie, etc. Ask your friend to do something that she enjoys-plan for the future

Ask specifically when you can either cook dinner for her, bring in food or buy groceries.

Offer to take care of her children

Offer to walk with her-especially important in the recovery process.

Offer to drive her to a doctor appointment

Tell your friend that you will be there for her and you will help her get through this

Be a good listener.

Follow the mood of your friend. Sometimes she will want to talk about her cancer and sometimes it is better to talk about other things.

Try to help her find a fitness program run by specialist with years of experience working with cancer survivors. Exercise and fitness training have special benefits for patients during and after treatment for cancer. During chemotherapy, studies have indicated that exercise may increase fitness and energy levels, improve mood, and help patients better tolerate cancer treatments. After treatment is concluded, exercise can increase strength and aerobic capacity, improve joint flexibility, elevate mood, and assist with resumption of regular activities and work demands. In addition, exercise has been shown to decrease the risk of onset or recurrence of many types of cancer.

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