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  • Carol Michaels

Is it Time to Throw Away the Sneakers?


Make sure that your your footwear is comfortable and that your sneakers are not worn out in order to keep feet healthy.

1. You need to always check the sneaker bottoms to make sure that the grid is not worn down. If you are a frequent runner or waker you will need to replace the sneakers frequently. The longer you walk or run daily, the sooner the sneakers have to be replaced. When the treads are worm down out is time to throw away the sneakers.

2. You need new sneakers when the heal is worn down on one side. If the wearer pronates or supinates, one side of the sneaker heel will wear out quickly. This should be checked regularly. When the sneaker is worn out it can increase the risk of twisting an ankle and the sneakers should be tossed.

3. After you check the sneaker underside, place your hand inside the sneaker. The life of a running show is 300-500 miles.If you feel significant toe imprints, it is time to buy new sneakers.

4. If you are getting blisters, it may come from sneakers that are stretched out and are no longer fitting properly. Good foot wear is essential because foot, knee, hip and back issues can develop from wearing worn out sneakers for long periods of time. Plantar fasciitis, shin splints and leg pain also can be caused but sneakers that need to be thrown out.

5. A sign that new sneakers are needed is when there us wear around the ankle. If you run on uneven surfaces sneakers will wear out faster. If you run/walk in muddy areas, sneakers can get damp which decrease the durability if the sneaker. Damp sneakers can start to smell- throw them out.

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