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  • Carol Michaels

Don't Give Up on Physical Activity

physical activity

You are without a doubt improving your health if you are exercising and eating in a healthy manner. Several very important health issues can improve or be prevented, even if your weight remains the same. If the scale is not moving it is possible that you may be losing inches. Do not give up on your physical activity because even though the scale is not moving this week, your health may be improving.

1. blood pressure may lower

2. cholesterol ratios may improve

3. mood may improve

4. sleep quality may improve

5. risk of cancer and other diseases decrease

6. improved circulation.

Any exercise that increases the heart rate will improve circulation. When the heart rate increases,more blood will get pumped throughout the body. Something so simple as walking is helpful. Poor circulation is common is those that are very sedentary. When you are active the muscles demand more blood and the heart rate increases.

Keep in mind, fitness and health goes well beyond exercise. Exercise alone can only marginally improve your fitness and health if the other pillars of health such as sleep, stress management and nutrition are not solid. If your sleep hygiene is poor, it is more difficult to lose weight and keep it off due to higher levels of ghrelin, the hunger hormone. Stress levels have been correlated to the amount of abdominal fat. Food intake needs to be monitored. You can exercise 6 hours a day and not lose weight if your nutrition is poor. In order to get results from exercise it is necessary to keep your stress levels, sleep and nutrition under control.

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