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  • Carol Michaels

Over 65? Keep Stretching!

seniors stretching

Daily stretching is recommended in order to maintain flexibility and to be able to perform the activities of daily living with less pain. Commit to stretching regularly so that you gradually improve your posture, range of motion, and flexibility. In addition, stretching will help you manage stress and anxiety, especially when performed with relaxation breathing.

If participating in a stretching class,it is crucial to to have an instructor that understands how the body may change after 65. There are classes and studios that cater to those over 65 and there are classes for those over 65 with chronic conditions. Stretching /chair yoga classes are also be offered while in a chair although it is always preferable to perform the exercises while standing. Keep in mind that osteoporosis is a very common issue and many of the yoga poses or stretches need to be modified in order to be safe for this demographic.

Additional Health Benefits of Stretching:

Stretching improves your range of motion, which is the degree of movement that can be achieved without pain. Elongating the muscle and fascia by stretching improves circulation, increases elasticity of the muscle, increases oxygen to the muscles, and helps the body to repair. It increases the circulation of blood to the muscles and prevents tight muscles, which have less blood flow. The blood carries oxygen that the muscle needs for energy. Blood flow also removes lactic acid and carbon dioxide, which cause inflammation.

The brain and nervous system work together in every stretch, and every repetition causes neuromuscular education. By thinking about the movement and concentrating on the affected muscle, we rewire the injured or tight muscle. Be mindful of the movement and its purpose.

Stretching improves posture

Stretching improves movement patterns and decreases the chance of developing over-use injuries.

Stretching with relaxation breathing reduces stress.

Stretching increases feelings of well-being. You are able to perform your daily activities more easily and with less pain.

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