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  • Carol Michaels

Pink Pearls of Hope

I am so proud to be a board member of Pink Pearls of Hope For those of you who are not familiar with the organization, we are committed to inspiring minority populations to take control of their health through informative, interactive, and entertaining multidimensional wellness experiences.

The vision:

*Engage our participants in total wellness through our comprehensive website, interactive fitness events, support groups, individual counseling, and walking programs

*Partnerships and collaborations globally and locally with other breast cancer and health organizations

*Encourage women of color to engage in clinical trials for breast cancer and other health conditions and support research collaboration with hospitals, clinics, and health organizations

*Improve access to care for participants

Please join us this Wednesday for the Pink Pearls of Wisdom in Health Teleforum - on Oct. 28th @ 8pm EST. I will discuss exercising after a breast cancer diagnosis. Dial into this interactive forum at 716-249-2887. For more information on Recovery Fitness visit:

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