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  • Carol Michaels

Benefits of Using an Exercise DVD

1. Fewer distractions.

2. Better concentration on technique.

3. No one is watching – not self-conscious

4. Allows the mind to relax.

5. Save time and money by exercising in the home.

6. No waiting for a machine and no “wasted time” socializing

7. Exercise when it is convenient and works for your schedule

8. Do not have to go out for food or drinks with someone that they exercise with at the gym adding to cost and calories.

9. Do not have to dress up to exercise and put on make up.

10. The exercise routine can be selected according to fatigue level or other issues.

11. If tired , the session is shortened for that day, or lengthened and intensified on a high energy day.

12. No worries about catching colds and other illnesses from other gym members

13. No concerns about sanitary conditions

14. No need for a babysitter or elder care

15. Improved exercise compliance through the use of a DVD can lead to improved physical and emotional well being.

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