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Obtaining Insurance with a Preexisting Condition

A pre-existing medical condition includes a number of different health related issues such as heart disease, cancer, depression and cardiac risk factors. It can be extremely tricky to find the right coverage with a condition.

Disclose details

In the majority of cases, medical claims which take place abroad can be expensive. If you travel to certain parts of the world, you need to do your research when looking for insurance with a condition. Many countries have very pricy medical care so choose wisely. Despite a pre-existing medical condition there are ways in which you can obtain the right policy. You should disclose any medical conditions that you already have. It does not matter when the condition occurred- even if it was a long time ago. This is so your policy is able to cover you, and be able to pay for:

  • Treatment at hospitals.

  • Emergency repatriation.

  • Any given travel expenses which may have been incurred while away from home.

Medical screening

In most circumstance you will have to:

  • Submit a number of different answers to detailed questions which can be personal in nature.

  • Respond to a wide variety of in-depth questions regarding your actual physical and mental wellbeing.

  • Be truthful and honest at all times so that your insurance company can match the policy to your specific requirements.

Companies also pay close attention to records going back years. Therefore it is essential that you don’t hold back anything on your records which may have an impact on the policy. As soon as you have answered everything you need to sit back and wait for the outcome. This could take several forms including:

  • Being provided with a standard travel insurance policy if your condition is not that severe.

  • The exclusion of medical coverage for some pre-existing conditions.

  • Obtaining a policy but at a more expensive rate.

  • Grant a policy with some underlying omissions or unique terms.

About the Author:

Passport2Health is a company in the UK that is dedicated to providing quality healthcare policies to their clients. Their website features information, including private health insurance quotes and much more.

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