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  • Carol Michaels

The NFPT Cancer Recovery Course

Becoming a Cancer Recovery Specialist through NFPT can enhance your personal training career. Carol Michaels’s Cancer Recovery Specialist Course offered by NFPT will enable you to teach your clients who are cancer survivors to perform the exercises necessary to improve flexibility, strength and function. Cancer patients generally, cannot safely follow a typical exercise regimen regardless of their fitness level prior to undergoing treatment and surgery.

This course will provide trainers with the information they need to begin and continue safe and effective exercise programs for their clients following a cancer diagnosis, including during and after treatments so that they can help clients enjoy the long term physical and psychological benefits of exercise.

There are over 15 million cancer survivors. The number of people in the United States with a history of cancer continues to rise, and they often face unique challenges with regard to exercise, either during their cancer treatment or after their treatment is concluded. Acceptance of exercise as part of recuperation and its inclusion in the standard of care has been gaining momentum in the medical community.

Exercise is an important component of a cancer survivor’s recovery process. Emerging research suggests that those who exercise experience a decrease in cancer recurrence. A well-designed program can also reduce side effects and improve quality of life.

During chemotherapy, studies have indicated that exercise may increase fitness and energy levels, improve mood, and help patients better tolerate cancer treatments. After treatment is concluded, exercise can increase strength and aerobic capacity, improve joint flexibility, elevate mood, and assist with resumption of regular activities and work demands

Cancer survivors are looking to work with trainers who are knowledgeable in cancer exercise. The Cancer Recovery Specialist course can give you the foundation necessary to work with cancer survivors. As an added bonus, the course includes phone consultations with its author, Carol Michaels – the creator of Recovery Fitness® and one of the world’s foremost authorities on Cancer exercise. You will have the comfort of knowing that a thought leader in this field will be available to assist you in creating safe and effective exercise routines for you clients.

The health and fitness industry as a whole is only just learning to work with this population and we have varying level of available resources throughout our country. There are some communities where a cancer survivor cannot find a trainer to provide safe and effective programs. By taking the cancer recovery course you will benefit by being able to help those who need it most and you be able to increase your business by offering a unique and valuable service.

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