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I can’t say enough about Carol as a trainer and her extensive knowledge. Her ability to bring variety into each class – allowing me to actually “enjoy” the workout is unmatched. She not only is an amazing trainer, but she brings her vast knowledge of health to each class and, as we work each muscle group to explain and have us focus on exactly what part of the body we are working so our mind body connection strengthens as well. It is clear from her direction that we have learned that weight training is vital for one’s overall health.

Her videos and DVDs are excellent for those who are recovering from cancer as well as those of us who want/need to get into shape. 

Carol demonstrates in detail all the exercises and her manner is extremely informative. The DVDs clearly show everyone that these exercises can be done at home (or on the road) with very simple equipment. She is an awesome trainer and this DVD brings her training talent and knowledge to everyone – not just those of us who are privileged to able to work with her personally. “The Recovery Fitness program is endorsed by the top physicians in the field” - great DVDs and videos that belongs in everyone’s fitness collection! - Pamela S.

BOOKS & Continuing Education

During Carol’s programs, patients are given excellent workouts and easy to follow exercises which include strength, posture and balance exercises using the correct form. Carol also shows the exercises that should be avoided for patients who suffer from bone loss. During Carol's classes, she discusses activities of daily living and lifestyle changes which can also help patients cope with the impact of osteoporosis. Her sessions improve quality of life and overall health.


  - Jeffrey Blonstein MD  Millburn, NJ

Carol’s book and classes are wonderful. Very practical and geared for special needs of her clients. Carol is very experienced and knowledgeable.


Patricia S.

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What are people saying about us...

Sorry this may be long. Back story... I am obese with many cancer deaths including my mom and youngest son. Fast forward 6 yrs gained almost 100 lbs. I quit smoking on June 12th 2017. I had told my oldest son I would start exercising once I pass 3 months nicotine free. Well he kept me to my word. He found Carol. He is very health conscious and eats very healthy. Have no idea where he came Well he contacted Carol without me knowing. I got a call saying she is waiting for your call. Mind you this is a week before 2 cruises and time in Cocoa Beach vacation. Oh my How am I gonna start. Fast forward 2-1\2 months. Now thanks to Carol and wanting to be around for extra years, I have lost about 15 lbs and gained muscle. Have a long way to go to reach my goal but I am positive. I can move have energy and feel awesome! Thank you Carol and my son.

Cindy M.

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