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​Do you want a personalized training program, but find that you aren’t able or don’t want to go to the gym or a class?  Do you have a broadband internet connection and a webcam? If you answered yes, then Carol Michaels’s SKYPE personal training program is a great option for you.

Carol has developed an exercise program which uses SKYPE to help her clients train anywhere in the world via computer.

SKYPE can be used for:



For those who are not in New Jersey, SKYPE is also a great way to learn the safe and effective exercises that are part of Carol’s Recovery Fitness® Cancer Exercise Program and her Osteoporosis Exercise Program.


Get in shape and get results, with Carol’s specialized SKYPE exercise training programs. SKYPE allows you to have personal training in the comfort of your home.


SKYPE is perfect for new moms, travelers, or anyone who wants to exercise privately without others watching. You will be motivated, properly coached, and shown how to use the correct form. You will also be able to work with Carol even if you are away on a business trip or on vacation. 

SKYPE is free and easy to download and to use.  

Once you have installed SKYPE, you too can train with Carol regardless of where you are, so long as you have your computer.


To schedule a SKYPE personal training session please email Carol Michaels at





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